A New Kind Of Aid Deploys To Haiti Offering A New Kind Of Hope

The HUV Project offers a new and innovative solution to the problems of homelessness, security and stability for victims of natural disaster.

New York, NY January 10, 2011 – Founded by Stephen Mills in October of 2009, The Homeless Utility Vehicle Project (The HUV Project) is on a mission to provide shelter and stability to victims of homelessness and disaster worldwide. The non-profit organization seeks to provide mobile, temporary shelter units suitable for housing individuals or small families, to people in need around the world. The HUV Project’s first goal is to provide emergency shelter and support for the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. To achieve this goal the organization has sent nine prototyped Homeless Utility Vehicles to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Accompanying these vehicles are two members of The HUV Project who will be deployed in Haiti for a month. The team’s mission is to distribute the HUVs through organizations that work directly with the earthquake victims. They will coordinate picking up shelters, prototyping new shelters, and design recommendations for the shelters based on field usage, as well as determining other practical uses for the vehicles. Because of their low production cost of $500 per unit, Mills feels that The HUV Project is the most cost effective, and practical solution to numerous humanitarian disasters. “In under two years, we expect to have HUV production and distribution funded by both charitable organizations and government disaster relief agencies,” says Mills. “In addition, we expect the HUV’s to be of assistance transitioning the homeless in the U.S. into permanent shelters.”For additional information regarding The HUV Project and related developments please contact The HUV Project.

Contact: Stephen M. Mills
The HUV Project, Inc.
PO Box 20215
New York, NY 20215
978 886 4661

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