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Prepare for transport. Prepare for Immersa. 

Immersa Signature Home Cinema defines performance.

Designed by artists, our proprietary cinema system works in perfect harmony with the esthetic of your home. Every element a masterpiece, fused together, they are the Immersa experience. Don’t settle for less. Anything else is just theatrics. 

Immersa Signature Home Cinema; another outstanding technology solution from Britech.

A perfect home is an escape. A perfect home is a haven. And for a select few, the perfect home is also a gateway to another world. We call that gateway Immersa. 

Finely tuned harmonics fuse with high performance visual design to create a room dedicated to the art of acoustic mastery and cinematic perception. 

The Immersa Signature Home Cinema experience is one like no other, creating a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you beyond the places you thought home theatre could go. 

Each Immersa environment is finely tuned around the position of the viewer. Precision seating locations and industry leading componants offer a fully immersive experience, while providing the maximum comfort possible. 

Keep your head and arms inside, and enjoy the ride. You’re in control. You’re in Immersa. 

There’s a gateway to another world, we call it Immersa.

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